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Beagles 4th Album "Tortoises sleep" Release!

Beagles 4th Album Release! You can free download at Bandcamp.beagles.bandcamp.comThis album has been affected from the "Chill out" and "Easy listening". At the time, We were looking for a healing every day.So, whether this is the case, I d…

Beagles - "Tortoises sleep" Release

4th Album "Tortoises sleep" Release Beaglesの4枚目のアルバム"Tortoises sleep"を本日リリースしました。 ちなみに、録音は2010年ごろなので、時期的には"nimanima"より前の作品となります。 BGM的に聴ける音源ですので、真夏のお昼寝時にどうぞ。 ちなみ…